DJ M Dot

Building Positive Community Through Music

DJ Workshop and Musical Storytelling

Miss the days of running to your boom box to press record when your favorite song came on the radio? Selecting the perfect mix of songs for your ride to work, your best friend's birthday... Those days are back.

What It Is:

Community Mixtape is an opportunity for collaboration, friendship-building, and creativity  through music and the art of DJing.

The Way It Works:

  • Choose a song
  • Tell us about it through musical storytelling
  • Learn the fundamentals of DJ mixing (through a hands-on approach), and collectively create a community mixtape. *The mixtape is recorded and given to each participant at the end of the session. 

Choosing a Theme:

Each Community Mixtape episode is customized to fit the needs of the group. This starts with choosing a theme. A theme can focus on identity, struggles, or goals. Some examples include: Place, DC, Home, Empowerment, Neighbors


Working in the field of conflict resolution, I've learned that people across lines of difference need a shared experience to build trust and relationships. Dialogue is critical, but creative collaboration promotes long-term connection. People develop empathy through actively engaging in something together. Community Mixtape is a vehicle for empathy, collaboration skills, and a REALLY fun event!